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Catherine M Walker DSFH, MAfSFH, MNCH(reg.)

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

The purpose of solution focused hypnotherapy is to transform your life, so being calm, confident, coping, smiling, focused and happy.

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You do not need to know what a problem is in order to solve it

Steve de Shazer


Meet Katie-M-Hypnotherapy

Since 2020, Catherine M Walker has been providing solution focused hypnotherapy sessions designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining her extensive knowledge from her training with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, CPHT Sheffield, and experience with her background in nursing, she is exceptionally qualified to enable her clients to find solutions and make positive changes.

As a passionate Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Catherine enjoys working one-to-one with people locally at Alder Tree Therapy House in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, also since the pandemic on ZOOM, which is still effective and amazing. I take pride in helping people to transform their lives. I look forward to helping so many more people to cope better with anxiety, stress, anger, low mood, phobias, OCD, IBS, menopause, fibromyalgia, improve sleep pattern and confidence. I do not need to know details of the problem to help you solve it. 

I specialise in my online weight management hypnotherapy group, which is a brilliant rolling programme of 4 sessions on zoom, starting the first Wednesday evening of each month. At Katie M Hypnotherapy we collaborate with people to retrain their brain to overcome old habits and behaviours and take control of eating problems.

Catherine can help with organisational and sports performance, so can do talks in the corporate and sports world.

Complete the contact form to set up an appointment with Katie-M-Hypnotherapy. I will be pleased to arrange an appointment for your initial consultation.


The Way Forward

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Weekly one to one hypnotherapy sessions

Access your inner resources

I offer an initial consultation, then weekly sessions. Hypnotherapy is amazing as it is a brain based therapy, and the brain is very interesting. When we learn how the brain encourages us to repeat bad behavioural patterns, it is key to taking positive steps to change.
Following the initial consultation, I gift clients my relaxation audio to listen to at night. This enables us to delve into the subconscious mind, where we can tap into inner resources, see things from a different perspective and move forward with optimism.

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy

You Have the Power

Hypnotherapy helps people really quickly to be calmer, happier, coping and braver. It is a collaborative process between client and therapist. Working together, I can help people to regain hope, find a purpose and make positive changes in their lives.
At Katie M Hypnotherapy, we don't revisit the past, we use questions and gentle support to give you the power to transform your life. We also use relaxation into trance which is very ordinary and normal. It is similar to daydreaming, which we do every day when driving or out for a walk. The trance like state during relaxation gives us heightened focus and concentration in our day to day lives.

Katie M's online weight management group

You are in control

I run a weight management group on zoom, which is popular and effective. It gives us hope to look good and feel 

good as we regain control. When we feel good we naturally make healthy food choices, and feel motivated to exercise. Solution focused hypnotherapy helps us take conscious control, when we are getting anxious, angry, stressed or low. When we are in conscious control we don't overeat. There is no magic wand at Katie M Hypnotherapy, it is all about retraining our brain.

I've been seeing Catherine to help with anxiety. Things have definitely improved. I'm much more positive, decisive, motivated and a bit more productive. Solution focused hypnotherapy works, and I would definitely recommend her. She is a lovely and kind person.

Thanks for everything Catherine x

Rachel Barley

Having worked with Katie with my driving problem, I have found her hypnotherapy invaluable in helping me develop several mental strategies to deal with the negative emotions and thoughts that were undermining my self confidence, particularly confidence driving on motorways. I would give her a 5 star rating, as I have no reservations in recommending her.

Roy Huggins

I just want to say thank you for all your help, enabling me to be calmer and in control, no matter what stressful events occur in my life. You will be a fabulous hypnotherapist.

Sarah Wilson


Everything You Need to Know

I have insurance and a current DBS check

I have relevant professional indemnity and public liability insurance in place. 
Additionally a current DBS check.

why is solution focused hypnotherapy a brief therapy?

It is a brief therapy as it only takes a relatively short space of time for people to get the best of themselves and transform their lives. 
I can't say how many sessions each client will need as we are all individual. From session 1, I use relaxation to take you into trance, which is very ordinary and normal. It is similar to daydreaming, which we do every day when watching TV, driving or out for a walk or run.

what is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Solution focused hypnotherapy is amazing, as it is a brain based therapy. From the Initial Consultation I explain how the brain works, which is very interesting and powerful. As a solution focused hypnotherapist, I also use specific questions and effective strategies to help people take small steps to make positive changes in their lives.

I am a member of professional associations.

Katie-M-Hypnotherapy is a member of the following associations:

.Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.

.National Council for Hypnotherapy.

This adds to my credibility and shows my commitment to a professional approach.

Katie M's fees

Initial Consultation

Catherine will contact you by email and/or phone call to assess whether Hypnotherapy is right for you, and arrange an appointment for the initial consultation either face to face locally in Doncaster, UK or online on zoom. It lasts approximately 45 minutes

face to face: £30

on zoom: £25

both payable prior to the initial consultation.

Following the initial consultation you will receive my complimentary relaxation audio to listen to at night as you drift off to sleep. 

Subsequent Sessions

All subsequent sessions are structured the same, as the brain learns by repetition. It is all about a collaboration between hypnotherapist and client. By working together, with the solution focused approach and research based strategies, we can help you be calm, confident, coping, braver and in control and above all be smiling, focused and happy. 

A therapy session is 50 minutes face to face and 60 minutes on zoom.



ON ZOOM: £50


online weight management group sessions

This is what Catherine specialises in and it is very popular.

Participants in Katie M's online weight management group can join the first Wednesday each month, which is session 1. 

It is a rolling programme of 4 sessions per month, as an exclusive member you can join weekly sessions for as long as you wish. 

payable prior to each session, per session: £15

payable prior to session 1 for all 4 sessions: £60

rewind and reframe sessions to help manage phobias 

This is a proven NLP technique which Catherine uses to help people cope better with specific phobias, including needle phobia and fears of spiders, birds, flying.

It includes 3 or 4 sessions to help clients take a traumatic memory and turn it into an ordinary memory.

Initial consultation, Relaxation, Rewind, Reframe sessions.

Initial Consultation: £25

Relax, Rewind & Reframe: £35 each

payable prior to each session. 

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